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Beef Boneless Shin - Nihari cuts

Your world-class butcher shop at home

Typically reserved for gourmet restaurants, this isn’t your grocery store’s meat. For years, we’ve supplied some of the finest chop houses with their cuts. Now, we’re delivering that same mutton, beef, and chicken straight to your door.
mutton beef chicken

Coming of age.

As much as we enjoy the craft of putting knives to meat, we resist the urge until our primals have aged right – enhancing grain-fed animals the flavor and enhancing the texture – for drop-the-fork taste and tenderness.
Mutton Shoulders
meat boxes by meat shop

Hand-cut to order

The day your order ships, our trained butchers hand-select meat from our freshly cut it to order. Then it’s trimmed, vacuum-sealed and ready to head out the door.


Delivered fresh – never frozen

Our meticulous packing process keeps your meat at 40° or less throughout its journey, so it’s fresh – never frozen – when it shows up at your door. Opening the box reveals your individually labeled cuts, so you can hit the grill right away or drop them in the freezer to enjoy later.

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