Is Your Meat Fresh?

Yes, We supply Fresh Meat which is safe to consume.

Is Your Meat Halal?

We supply guaranteed Halal Meat.

From Where Can I Read Reviews on the Products you Supply?

You can see review ratings appear on each product on our shop page. You may also read reviews on the product page. All comments and star ratings are reviews from the verified buyers.

Is Your Meat Safe for Consumption?

Yes, Our supplied Meat and related items are totally safe to consume if stored at recommended temperatures.

Do you Deliver Meat in Refrigerated Vehicles?

Yes, We transport all our products in specially designed and refrigerated vehicles. Even our motorbikes are fixed with cooler boxes to ensure Meat and other products are transported in completely controlled temperatures and environments.

What is Your Order Cut-off Time for Next Day Delivery?

For the Next day delivery, the order cut-off time is 02.00 PM

What Happens If I Place Order After Cut-off Time?

Orders placed after cut-off times are automatically transferred to the next day and therefore confirmation, processing, and delivery process follow as per next day terms, please review our delivery terms.

Can I Place an Urgent Order?

Of course, we can support your urgent order request at an additional charge of 30 AED during the routine delivery slots and 50 AED from 02.00 PM to 06.00 PM. Please contact us at +971 55 693 7447 regarding urgent deliveries as all urgent orders are strictly subject to availability. Additional delivery charges may apply. Please review our Delivery Terms and Conditions.

What are Routine Delivery Slots?

Our Routine Delivery Slots are between 10.00 AM to 04.00 PM. We do however handle special urgent orders until 08:00 PM subject to delivery terms and conditions.

How Do You Ensure Freshness of Meat?

We only procure fresh meat from our trusted and verified suppliers and regulate the freshness of the meat at each step. Our processing facility is equipped with state-of-art equipment to ensure freshness. Furthermore, we also ensure that procured meat is cut, packed, and delivered within 1-2 days.

What is the Freshness Validity of Meat?

We procure meat that has a validity of at least Shelf life of 5 days, however, we only supply to our customers within 1-2 days after procurement to ensure maximum freshness. We highly recommend our customers to freeze the meat immediately if not cooked the same day to avoid meat from going to a bad state.

Can I Keep Meat in Chilled Temperature?

In most cases, you can, however, we suggest to store in freezing temperatures if not cooked within a few hours. Our meat is fresh for consumption the same day if stored between 2C to 50C.

What is Gross and Net Weight on the Product Page?

Gross weight is the actual weight of meat and related products, whereas Net weight is cleaned and safe to consume meat.

What Difference Shall I expect in Weight Between Gross and Net Weight?

As per average industry standards and cleaning procedures, Meat and related products differ 80-120 Grams per KG from Gross to Net weight. For example, if you order 500 Grams of Mutton Bone-In, it is entirely normal to receive 50-60 grams less due to cleaning of unwanted skin, fat, and other parts which may be unsafe for consumption. We however add a little more to your order to ensure the weight loss is at minimum as possible.

Can I Visit Your Shop/Facility?

Of course, contact us at +971 55 693 7447 to arrange the visit. Our facility is open to all customers. You can visit us and meet our team and be satisfied before you consume our meat. You can also buy directly from our shop.

Is Your Shop/Facility Fully Approved by Municipality and Related Government Entities?

We have ensured to fulfill all requirements by the Municipality and Related Government Entities, We are also part of the Food Watch Programme and undergo time to time inspections by Municipality to ensure that the meat is prepared in healthy conditions and is best suited to consume.

Do You Have Special Preparation Areas for Meat?

Yes, all our meat (mutton, beef, chicken, etc.) is prepared in restricted designated areas.

Do you Sell Pork or Non-Halal Items?


I have More Questions, Where should I Contact You?

We always welcome questions, Please Whatsapp at +971 55 693 7447. Alternatively, you can email us at

I Received An E-mail Regarding Order Note, What Does That Mean?

Order Notes are updated by our team to notify you of any changes or updates made to your order. Most of the time, order notes are updated to reschedule deliveries and notify you of any changes made to the order. Order notes are sent directly to your registered email address.